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Need an affordable U 47, U 67 or U 87 alternative? KM 84, Schoeps CMC6, RCA 44 or Coles 4038 too pricey?  
Hear Michael Joly Engineering mics vs. vintage microphones at Mic Mod Services & Buy New Mics
Michael Joly Engineering MJE-384K capsule upgrade for RODE NT5
Get 8dB better bass, smoother mids, 6 dB less top end harshness and 3dB more "air" compared to the stock RODE NT5 cardioid capsule. Hear the MJE-384K vs. the Schoeps CMC6, Neumann KM 184 and a stock RODE NT5 on acoustic guitar and drum OH. $299 / pr. The MJE-384K capsule is a screw-on modification for your NT5 microphones. You own the NT5 - now you can upgrade them. Listen to the samples or write to me to learn how the MJE-384K capsules will make your NT5 mics sound better than stock.
New Michael Joly Engineering MJE-384
A complete set of world-class small diaphragm mics – only $699. 
Whether it’s a pre-production mic shoot out test or hit-bound recording session, the MJE-384 matched stereo pair delivers the sound you need at a price you can afford. In a direct comparison on drum overheads, the MJE-384 has been chosen over Schoeps CMC6 / MK4 by the session drummer. In a direct comparison on acoustic guitar, the MJE-384 has been preferred by session guitarists over the KM 184. Listen for yourself – open, natural, relaxed, true-to-life plus a touch of top end air and sparkle. Write to me to learn how the MJE-384 compares to my well-known modified Oktava MK-012. 

MJE-LR44 Ribbon Microphone
New Michael Joly Engineering MJE-LR44
Long Ribbon Microphone
Need a ribbon mic with better-than-classic sound? – the MJE-LR44 only $599. 
Hear the MJE-LR44 vs. the RCA 44 and Coles 4038 on drums, piano, guitar, male and female vocals then judge for yourself. The MJE-LR44 long ribbon mic is more open, more transparent, more accurate and resolves transients better. Quite a claim. Listen for yourself, you’ll believe. Questions? Just write to me. 
MJE Hulk 990 (modified MXL 990)
New MJE Hulk 990 (modified MXL 990)
Michael Joly Engineering transforms the lowly MXL 990 into the Hulk 990  - only $399 complete with shock mount and case. 
Many folks need one great mic to record vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion. The MJE Hulk 990 is that mic. The 3 micron diaphragm MJE-K47 capsule offers classic “Neumann-esque” sound up to 10kHz then keeps on going to deliver a touch of sparkle in the “air” band. Record an acoustic guitar track, then reposition for male or female vocals. Classic LDC sound and vibe on both takes. Move it into position as part of a Glyn Johns-style three mic set up for drum overdubs – hear punch, clarity and shimmer with no top end harshness. Hear it vs. the current industry-standard Neumann U 87ai. This is our most popular mic - just write and find out why!

Welcome to Michael Joly Engineering / OktavaMod. We design, build, sell and modify world-class studio microphones. Our hard work and twenty years of microphone engineering experience bring you classic mic sound at home recording prices. Hear new modified microphones, after-market microphone modification services for your mics (we do the work in our shop - no DIY risk!) and my own Michael Joly Engineering mics. 
Use your own ears - hear sound samples that compare my microphones to the Neumann U 47, U 67, U 87, KM 84, KM 184 plus the Coles 4038, RCA 44 and Schoeps CMC6. I believe you’ll find these modified microphones and my new MJE mics to be affordable alternatives to the best studio mics that cut your favorite hit recordings. 
Oh, you may be interested in my Facebook page as well – you'll find new microphone mods and special deals. It’s also a great way for you to comment or ask questions. 
best, Michael Joly
Ps - it's all RISK-FREE. Just write and I'll tell you exaclty what that means in your particular case. 


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