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You may be looking for Michael Joly, the inventor of N.O.W. and co-founder of soluIf so, I'm that guy.

Here is where you can read about N.O.W., solu, and my sound and consciousness writings:


Short Bio:  My experience has been in the fields of professional audio product design, psychoacoustic research and new business development.

12 years ago I founded Michael Joly Engineering and pioneered after-market modifications to inexpensive studio microphones–making them sound like expensive classic mics for 1/5 the cost of those classics. 25 years ago I designed analog noise reduction and surround sound systems for motion picture sound. 2017 saw the development of noise reduction for your mind as I co-founded HEAR NOW SYSTEMS, INC. / solu, and designed our first product, N.O.W.–we call it a "one button, three minute solution for stress and anxiety".

Since 1990 I've immersed myself in the study of ancient and modern meditation—the styles, techniques, methods, and efficacy. This effort, combined with a need to "just listen" (since I was 5 years old), has developed into a relationship with sound that led me through the inspiration, design and manufacturing of N.O.W.

Want to talk about sound, listening and consciousness? If you're a writer let's chat: michael@nowbysolu.com 

best, Michael

ps - 2500 years ago Lao Tzu said: "Stop thinking, and end your problems". I say: "Just listen, and end your problems". Because it's not possible to intentionally listen–attentively, AND think, at the same time. And when you transcend your problematic thinking you life will change for the better. Try it. You'll prove it to yourself. This is the insight that led to the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System.

And if you want to read about Michael Joly Engineering, OktavaMod, mics or this 12 year old hand-coded html site... 

Who - Michael Joly, OktavaMod Founder - and now with a staff of dedicated mic mod technicians 

What - With 14,000+ boutique microphone clients Michael Joly Engineering is the most well-known and trusted microphone engineering service worldwide.

Where - Cape Cod, Massachusetts (shipping worldwide via secure and affordable US Postal Service)

When - 20 years of studio microphone engineering and 40 years of analog audio product engineering

Why - RISK-FREE, affordable alternatives to the U47, U67, U87, KM84 and 4038 - all provided with  customer experience that folks rave about. 

Clients say their customer service experience is the best they've ever had - anywhere. It you ask a concise question, you'll get a quick and concise answer. If you ask nuanced questions and providre some details of your recording life you'll get an appropriate response. 

Once in a while a wicked-intense email avalanche hits me - it might take a day or two to dig out. Generally you'll get a same-day response. But just know I'm here whether you want a quick pricing answer or an in-depth dialog.

Affordable U47, U67, U87, KM 84 and Classic Ribbon Mic Alternatives

My goals are to help you make better recordings and to make your mic buying decisions easier. There are over 1500 models of large and small diaphragm mics on the market. With all the conflicting, anonymous and questionable "advice" found on gear forums how do you know what's right for you and your clients? Answer - let your own ears be your guide. Just listen to the award-winning Michael Joly Engineering sound vs classic mics at Mic Mods and Buy New Mics

My busy clients tell me they're interested in results - not resistors. You don't have to parse your way through data catalogs, parts lists or a menu of confusing electronic parts options and risk the perils of DIY microphone mods. If you go forward you'll be in good company - we've filled over 14,000 client orders.  

When you ask a question you'll be consulting with an experienced microphone design engineer - I worked for my mentor David Blackmer (dBx Inc. and Earthworks Microphones founder) for nearly 15 years and have been an analog pro audio product design engineer (guitar electronics, compressors, expanders, surround sound processors, transducers) since 1976 - exclusively analog design engineering by training and practice.

Bio - 

My love of microphones started in 1968 when I got my first open reel tape recorder (a 3" reel Craig) and a couple of Shure 545 mics (the beloved SM-57 precursor). Prior to starting my microphone business I've done audio product and sound design work for Stars Guitars and Haight-Ashbury Community Radio in San Francisco, the Lucasfilm THX commercial cinema program, dbx Inc. sister company Kintek Inc., the Swedish Film Institute, the Beijing Arts Centre, the Guangzhou Friendship Theatre, Media Systems - Boston, NBC Television, Transom.org and the Public Radio Exchange. 

 Clients, Awards and Press - 

Since 1994 my microphones have found their way to chart-topping engineers such as Damian Taylor (Björk), Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliot Smith), KRAMER (The Fugs, Half Japanese, Bongwater, Shockabilly, Ween, Butthole Surfers, Pulp Fiction soundtrack...) and Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). 10,000+ indie and major label artists, engineers and producers have joined the Michael Joly Engineering roster.

Michael Joly Engineering microphones were profiled in Tape Op Magazine issue #59, at Wired.com (1/12/2011), SonicScoop.com (1/14/2011) and a high-performance ribbon mic — the Michael Joly Edition Cascade Gomez, won Electronic Musican Magazine's 2009 Editor’s Choice Award.


The Michael Joly Engineering Microphone Modification Process -

If you decide to go ahead and have your mic modified just order from my online shop - you'll get an immediate acknowledgement with our shipping address. Now with three assitants on staff our lead time has been reduced to 1 week for most orders.  Please inquire about our exact lead time if you have important sessions booked. 

Once scheduled just have your package reach me before your mic modification date. Mics are modified on the day scheduled and shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail (2-3 days) or International Priority (about 6 days) the next business day.

If you are buying a new mic - you will receive an automated acknowledement then notification from the US Postal Service when we ship your mic (usually next business day).


About Oktava Mics in Particular - 


When the Oktava MK-219 appeared in the West in 1994, a high quality large diaphragm condenser microphone was within the reach of the average project studio recordist. It sold for around $550 at that time (almost $800 in today's dollars) and was considered a great value at that price!

Now, with so many excessively bright, sound-alike, look-alike and flawed low-cost copies of German designs, Oktava microphones are new classics. They're not copies of anything. They're proudly different - researched, developed and manufactured in a factory in Tula, Russia that has been making high quality microphones continually for 80+ years.

I used to drive a 1957 Renault 4cv - a 747cc, three-speed, water cooled, 4 door car designed by Ferdinand Porsche. That might tell you something about my affection for endearingly simple technology and elegant engineering. Oktava microphones embody these ideals. My modding work is a labor of love. I love these little tanks of tone. To hold an Oktava microphone is to hold hands with workers in metal and sound - a sound shaped by the unique history of Tula, Russia and its people. 


Other Microphones Too - 

While I started my business by upgrading Oktava mics and originally called my company OktavaMod for that reason, I'm now widely diversified and upgrade many different condenser (SDC and LDC), ribbon and dynamic mics from ADK, AKG, Apex, Avant, BLUE, CAD, Cascade, Gauge, MXL, Nady, RODE, Stellar et al. 

And now I'm busy bringing out my own line of Michael Joly Engineering mics as well. 

If you decide to go forward you'll get the benefit of working with a guy who's spent his entire career as a pro audio design engineer. "Michael Joly Engineering" means you will enjoy the best client experience and best results.

If you'd like to own a limited edition, hand made recording tool created by a craftsman with an irrational love of microphones, please drop me a line. best,

Michael Joly - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

phone: four one three, six two seven, five five one three

Michael Joly Engineering / OktavaMod

1336 Phinneys Lane Suite 1-1

Hyannis, MA 02601


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